Today we considered fractions and which ones are bigger and how to add them and how to get a common denominator if we don't already have one.  Hmmm...

Tonight, look around your house for some fractions.  Then blog a comment about it and you may go straight to the prize bucket.  Here's mine:  Our classroom has 5 sections of big windows.  3/5ths of them are on the same side of the room that my desk is on and 2/5 of them are not.  More of them are on my side of the room.  3/5 + 2/5 = 5/5 or ALL the windows.

Don't forget to show mom and dad the Long Lake pictures.  Don't forget to bring a disc or flash drive if you want to copy your Long Lake storybook.  So much going on, so little time!

Have a great evening.  I will spend about 3/4 of mine shopping where I hope to get lots of 30% off stuff for as little money as possible.  Decimals, fractions and percents are EVERYWHERE!!                        Mrs. Kovacs