What?  No school on Valentine's Day?  Lame!
Hmmm....but the teachers have to go to work that day.  Double Lame!  Maybe you could stop by and see me in the afternoon.  Hmmmm.....

Rumor has it that Ms. Robinson is letting her kids have a pajama day on Feb. the 13th, the day we are forced to celebrate Valentine's Day since there is no school on ACTUAL Valentine's Day.  

I said my class probably does NOT want to do that.  Am I right?  IF I am wrong, and you DO want to wear pajamas, I will need blog comment proof.  It will take 1/2 of you (can you even divide 23 in half when it's people) to blog a comment saying I WANT TO WEAR JAMMIES to school on the 13th in order for me to declare it an official pajama day.  

Call your friends.  Send them a message.  Spread the word.  Blog you want pajama day or it's a no go.  

Enjoy your weekend.  See ya Monday.