We had a great day, especially for a Monday.  Monday's can be hard but this one wasn't too bad. 

Tomorrow a few kids are going to find themselves inside at recess because of the results of their social studies test.  Hey guys, it was open book and you had all the time in the world to look up answers.  How could 8 kids have done below what we want from them and what they want from themselves.?  There will be a chance to improve the grade but it will involve staying in tomorrow at recess and then getting a parent signature on the test and the fix it sheet.

We will get our baseball books tomorrow.  I can't wait.  I just love all those stories and I know you guys will too.  You girls will too even though you are not so sure right now.

I'm still offering 5 tickets to anyone who blogs their favorite current batter in the major leagues.    See ya tomorrow.  Mrs. K