So far so good, at least from where I am sitting.  I have loved being back to school and you wonderful kids in my class make me glad to be a teacher.  Love you!

I was wondering, what was your favorite thing that we've done so far?  Was it wondering?  How about community word building, life journals, locker tags, assembly, fire drill, shoe lesson for math?  If you tell me in a blog comment what your favorite thing has been so far I will give you a choice between 2 more tickets or a chance to run outside with sidewalk chalk and write a cheerful "hope you had a great 1st week of school" message on the sidewalk by the bus drop off.

Tomorrow you will get a chance to decide what to do with your two tickets that I gave you on meet the teacher night.  If you have those plus the two you could earn above, you will have .  Do the new Krypto on the extra credit tab and you will have 2 more for a total of 6.  Wow, that's a good amount of tickets for the third day of school.

I am excited to see you all again bright and early tomorrow morning.                       Mrs. Kovacs