The first day of school for the new year was great.  We went on a winter wonder walk and got some great fresh air.  We also wrote in our life journal about all the things we got for presents in the last week or two.  Amazing what some of us got!  Wow!!  We also got 4 mn and 37 seconds to walk around the room and tell others about our vacation and new stuff.  Fun.

We cleaned our desks so that we can start out the new year organized and caught up and ready to go.  It feels so good to have everything in order.  We also listend to my Tonic Sol Fa CD and it was impressive how many songs the kids remembered from last year.  Brilliant, I knew it!!

Our new science unit should be interesting and it will be good practice for our nonfiction reading skills.  There is some homework already as the 45 minutes given to read 6 pages and answer 8 questions was not long enough for everyone.  The math homework does NOT require you to do all of it so...enjoy.  Remember, one whole 1 can be written as a fraction with any denominator and numerator being the same.  For example, 1= 13/13 = 3/3 = 5/5 and so one forever.  Even 100000/100000 is equal to one.  It means you divided something into that many parts and you have ALL of them.  Cool.