Listen to tomorrow, MAP testing in the morning, math unit 4 test in the later morning, spelling test sometime and Chapter 4 test in the afternoon.  Am I still teaching 4th grade?

Ok, spelling, no big deal we practiced all week.

MAP just do your best and show what you know and no worries because it's a benchmark for information only--I just need to  see who might need more help.

Social Studies--we'll be doing it like a scavenger hunt and you can use your notes and the maps and your book and maybe even a partner.  It will be FUN!!  Ok, that might be a stretch but really, don't sweat it.  We reviewed today and most kids are right on in their learning of this stuff.

If you want to sweat one of these tests, and I'm not saying you should but I know some of you want to, then sweat the Math Unit 4 test.  It is on polygons, perimeter and area of triangles, isoscolese, equillateral, scalene, obtuse, acute and right trialnges, convex and concave, and transformations (there are three they are rotations, reflections and translations).  It can be a lot of vocaulary and a bit tricky especially if you don't READ THE DIRECTIONS--right kids!  We will run a bit of a review before the test and then bang, test. 

Have a great night!        Mrs. Kovacs
PS the dummy books are turning out great and coming along beautifully.