My computers at home are acting so weird but I remembered to do this at school today so, finally, an updated blog comment.

PJ thinks we should have the chance to sit in the adorondack chair as part of our 3D display be a prize and I think he's right.  I figure we need around 5 people to sit there sometime throughout the course of the morning tomorrow.  Do you want it to be you?  Hmmm...we have MCA math practice test in the computer lab at 9:30 but in the chair as part of the display.  Sometimes they have live people in the display windows in stores.  Cool!

So, what should the question be?  I think it will be just this easy, the first 5 people to blog their favorite thing about DARE so far will get to be the living readers on the beach tomorrow.  Your blog comment must be at least 3 sentences long and cover the topic "My favorite thing about DARE so far is..."

Study your nutrioun spelling words.  They are tricky!!  Spelling test tomorrow.    Mrs. Kovacs