Unless you ordered a school bag lunch, you need a lunch tomorrow.  We will be outside nearly the whole day.  Actually, since you are running the mile, you may very well be outside all day.  It's supposed to be beautiful so what a great day to be outside.

Antonia won't be here tomorrow or the rest of the week.  We will need to make more cards.  I actually have a lttle bag I am putting together for her so go ahead and bring in a treat for her if you like.

Today's ticket question has to do with cursive writing.  Blog a comment that explains the reasons I think you still need to learn cursive writing and you can have 4 tickets.  Blog your opinion about cursive writing and tell why you feel that way and you can have 2 more.

Enjoy this nice weather.  Don't forget to think about the bees as you get dressd tomorrow.   Mrs. Kovacs