My husband has put some new things on the site.  Can you name 2 of them?  If you blog a comment naming AT LEAST 2 of the new things and where on the site you found them, you can have a ticket on Monday.

Speaking of tickets, I better get to the store and buy some more!  You guys are earning them faster than I can stock them.  Way to go!  That means you are a great class doing lots of great things and earning tickets.  We didn't have time for a ticket drawing on Friday so we are going to have to do it Monday.  Ticket drawing, Monday at 3:30!

Don't forget that on Tuesday we go to Wargo Nature Center for our first field trip.  Dress for the weather as we will be outside all day.

My voice is totally gone today but I bet it will come back by Monday.  I hope so, otherwises, Maddie, Olivia, you guys ready to teach?

The BEARS didn't have such great luck at their football game but Jake and Vlad both had fun and said all the fans were enjoying the night even if the hometown boys couldn't pull off a win.  Tonight is the big dance.  I'll bring some pics next week.

Have a great weekend everybody.                Mrs. Kovacs