Did you feel like our classroom was on display yesterday?  It kind of was.  It will be again next Tuesday.  How cool for the next round of exploration kids to have a place to visit before they have to make their decision.

Today's ticket question has to do with how we have the groups split up for social studies and science.  As we are nearing the half way point of being done with this, I would like you to consider if you think it has been a good arrangement to have the boys in one class and the girls in the other.  Write a thoughtful (no disparaging remarks about the other gender please) sentence or two about your ideas citing evidence and giving specific examples that support your position.  IF you do this and it is a thoughtful, carefully crafted so as not to diss anyone, insightful response, you may have 10 tickets tomorrow.  Everyone who responds may have 4 but the thoughtful answers can have 10.

Get outside and enjoy the mid winter warm up!