I am so sad I won't be there tomorrow to see your show and watch you impress your moms with your **spoiler warning--if you are a mom, stop reading this right now**  power points, table manners, songs, flowers, and books. I just know they will be thrilled with all you've made for them.  I am also excited about how easily we got table partners figured out and I just know you will have a magical time with your moms tomorrow.

But I am also very proud of Jim and know that tomorrow is his day to impress his mom (that's me) with his college accomplishments.  Jim was a great pitcher for the Winona Warriors and a business major.  He is an assistant manager at Hy Vee and hopes to have a job in Des Moines, Iowa soo.  He's the one that's getting married on July 2nd.  He's the one I am making those pretty invitations for.  Go Jim!!

Have fun tomorrow.  Blog me all about it so I don't feel too left out.  I will miss you guys and hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother's Day.  Spoil your mom!!                        Mrs. Kovacs