I am babysitting little Jack today.  FUN!!  He is so sweet.  We took him to Lauren's basket ball game and he wanted to get out there and throw the ball in the basket just like the girls were doing.  He clapped for every basket scored.  It was a super exciting game as it went into overtime.  COOL!!

Next week we have a dentist coming to talk to us as well as a few other things going on.  The peek is on this site.  Look for the PEEK tab under the light bulb.  Your new spelling words are there and they are vocabulary words to.  Not only do you have to know how to spell them, you need to know what they mean too.  YIKES!!

Happy Valentine's Day, happy all star basket ball game day, and happy President's Day.  Wow, big weekend all the way around.  One final note, guess what my sweet husband got me for Valentine's day...  Remote start for my car.  I will now be able to stand in the classroom and start my car so it is nice and warm when I get out there at the end of the day.  Love him.  All I got him was chocolate.