There is the excitement of the upcoming summer, the sadness of the end of a school year, the tension that it won't be the same next year, and it is making for some unstable classroom behavior.

Someone took Sam Sperry's yearbook and it is someone from our class.  Please return it.  Stealing from a classmate is so
             wrong.  Why would anyone do this?
The class video is FUN and reminds us of all the fun we've had together this year.
Some kids are not coming back next year--new school, new classroom, emotional times.
We got to spend time outside signing yearbooks with the other classes.
Kids are getting into physical pushing and shoving matches with eachother.
Lots of birthday treats and candy.
A long graduation to sit through did it well!  Super job.
We weren't able to clean up our classroom as kids were chasing around and not helping we have to do it tomorrow.
My DVDs for you are not all done so Jim and Joe have to work on it tomorrow and bring them to school by 2:00.
Instead of Shrek we will be watching the 2 videos on the West Region.  Good times.  That won't go as well with the popcorn I    
           thought I would bring.  Hmm...

Jake is graduating tomorrow AND tomorrow is his last day of high school ever.  He's a bit sad about that.

Change, even when it is exciting and good, is hard and emotional.  Have a great night, see you tomorrow.