We started the day down 1 (Rachel--hope you're back tomorrow) and then Yobbie went home sick with a stomach ache, then Josh with a headache, then Antonia with an appointment to check out her cough.  YIKES!!  We don't want to get close to Mrs. Shea's record, do we?  Let's all try to stay healthy, people!!

We did have an hour to work on our gifts today.  They will be cute once they are done.

7 people have their "All of the other reindeer" stories done and they are cute!!  I put two in the showcase and the rest up in the hall.  They will all go somewhere!  But that is so last week's news...tomorrow we are going to have the lap top labs and we will begin our research.  We did watch some reindeer videos on youtube today.  Reindeer are just so cute.  I am anxious for tomorrow. 

Today's BHTQ has to do with your story.  Blog a comment that tells 1. how far along you are with yours, 2. who you decided to do your story about (which reindeer--I read one today where the reindeer were taking swimming lessons and Santa decided to join in the fun and nearly drowned and one of the other reindeer [Dasher or Dancer, I think] had to save him. Really wonderful story!)  and 3. what the main plot of your story is, in other words, what does your chosen reindeer do to make himself worthy of your story?  Anwer all of those questions and you can have 5 tickets.  There are a couple other ticket opportunities hidden on the site.  And you can always get a couple tickets for getting Krypto!

have a great night!