Today's ticket question is What did you do outside today?  It is 50+ degrees and beautiful outside today.  What did you do with that?  Blog an answer to that question and you can have 6 tickets on Monday morning.  My answer to that question is the title of this blog entry.

Speaking of the drone, I will see if my husband can put some of he video he took from his drone on to the LINKS tab of this website so you can see how cool it is to have a drone.

The other thing he has that is super cool is google 3D goggles that work with his phone.  They are cardboard and they are amazing.  Do any of you have such a thing at your house?  I am going to bring them to school and show you how cool they are.  Actually, I need him or someone to come and they can show you.  There is a museum you can walk through, a car you can drive and more.  I wonder if there is a zoo.

Get outside and breath deeply and enjoy this spring weather.