We had another fun day of learning in garden 2505.  We had to work on the silliness weed a bit and do some pulling of weeds in our hallway walking behavior but overall, another day of blooming. 

Kids, I will give you an immediate trip to the prize bucket (no tickets or luck necessary) if you draw the table, the factor tree and write the equation for this math question:

    The White Bear Hockey Team has 3 sets of socks--black socks, white socks, and orange socks.  They also have two sets of gloves--black gloves and orange gloves.  How many different ways can they accessorize their hockey uniform with glove and sock combinations?  Another way to say this is, how many different sock and glove combinations can they add to their look?

This is your chance to get a prize without even having your ticket drawn.  Lucky!!  I am off to the store now to buy some tickets and maybe some candy prizes too.  Hmmm...what should I get?  Show up tomorrow to find out.  Thanks for coming,  Mrs. Kovacs