My dreams and hopes paid off--we had a white Christmas!  Yea!!

Congrats to all the kids with back yard ice rinks and lakes and ponds they use as ice rinks:  it's officially cold enough to get out there and skate.  Fun!  Luckily it's not too cold so it's still fun.  

Winter sports start soon.  Better start getting in shape.  What can you do to get in shape from home?  Blog a comment with ideas so others will have a plan too.  Today I did stretching and some aerobics in my house.  Yesterday I went on a hike with my dog and brother's family and Vlad and my husband.  What will you do?

My sister arrives today for a visit.  Yea!!
My two brothers just left from their visit.  Sad. :(  They didn't get to see my sister.  She will see my brother that lives here.

Mrs. Wickland is on a vacation.  Lucky!  She is going to Magnolia Farms which is the Chip and JoAnna place in Waco, Texas.  Double lucky.  How many of you know who Chip and JoAnna are?  What are they famous for?  I bet Mrs. Wickland will tell us all about it when she gets back.

Enjoy your week.  Happy Monday.

Mrs. Kovacs