Dr. Lovett read Letters from Obedience School to us today.  It was very funny the way he "acted" out the parts of Ike and Gertrude LaRue.  He was very melodramatic as he read.  We will need to write him thank you notes tomorrow.  We will need to be sure and pull the word melodramatic out of our pockets and throw it around in our notes that we write.

We also need to do get well cards to Zach R.  We will be busy writing tomorrow.

Also tomorrow we will work on the magnet investigation called "Breaking the Force."  Our purpose will be to see if the strenght of the magnetic pull changes as an object gets closer to or farther away from the magnet.  What will your hypothesis be?

I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already.  You will be getting your chapter 5 social studies test back also.  Another busy day in room 2505!                Mrs. Kovacs