Yes, a ginormous amount of stuff to consider and look at was sent home.  Is it all required to do?  No!!  Have mom or dad or grandma or grandpa read my note on the Peek of the week.  Relook at the directions on the pages themselves.  Check the homework tab on this site.  It's all good.  It's your job to sort through and reflect on what you need to practice and what you already know.

I am hoping you all get lots of outside time during our spring break. 

Here is a new word ladder:   vowels:  o  u  a  e        con: t  r  n  m  n  t
Here is a clue for the big word:  March Madness is a fancy name for this

Don't forget about poor old Mrs. Kovacs stuck at home writing a paper and getting her book published and cleaning a closet.  I have a goal of bike riding every day!!      See ya in a week unless you see me first.    Mrs. Kovacs