We hare having so much fun glogging and blogging.  Kudos to Jaide who already has the first two stanzas of her Troll poem on a glog page.  By the end of next week we will all have a Troll Glog page.  Anybody besides my husband have the video working yet?  If you haven't see his glog page, check it out.  He's such a techie guy and his page is cool.

The only homework is the math sheet 3-10 and getting your Troll poem finished and edited and ready for final copy and publishing on the web.  Of course, you should always be reading and plugging away on your independant reading projects.

Jake is in a hockey tournament in Plymouth, we just got our tree down, and I think somebody mentioned there's a football game tomorrow that will be fun to watch.  Good thing we are all busy because it sure is too yucky to be outside.

Have a great weekend.  Rest up!!                                              Mrs. Kovacs