I am hopeful that we will be getting back together on May 4.  I am counting on it actually.

But it won't be Monday.  So.....how is distance learning going for you?  Blog a comment letting me know if it's taking you more than 3 hours a day to complete what we assigned.  

Most of you are doing a great job keeping up with the work and getting your thoughts into a google doc.  Great job.  Moving forward let me tell you that there are a couple things you could do to make it easier for us to manage all the google docs that are coming our way.

1.  Just start each new day at the TOP of the google doc.  Google math, don't scroll down.  Let the new stuff be on top and be dated and let the other stuff move to the bottom.  Can you see how that would be easier for your readers and commenters to find your new entry?

2.  DATE every entry!!

3.  After you've completed a day's work reshare it with me and Samantha Kostuch (some of you haven't shared stuff with Ms. Kostuch yet but you need to.  She is a great responder.)  so we can see that you've done it, comment on it, and more

Next week we will be starting google hangouts with our math classes at 10:00 am (for Robinson and Kovacs anyway) and our home rooms sometime in the early afternoon.  IF you have questions as you are working through things, write them down and ask them at the google hang out.  Or put them on one of your docs.  We are reading them and commenting on them daily.

Good luck.  I will see you via google hangout / meet very soon.

Mrs. Kovacs