We had a great day in 2505.  Ms. Stamson came in and joined in our math discussion.  It's always fun to have Ms. Stamson in the room.  We had a big skip counting circle where we skip counted by 2's, 5's, 10's and 9's.  The 9's were pretty hard but we uncovered some very cool patterns that helped us pick up speed and do the math mentally.  Remember what happens to the tens column and the ones column in the product/answer as you run through the multiples of 9.  Over the weekend you get the chance to expand the multiples list and take the nine's column all the way to 31 x 9.  Lucky!!  You can have 5 extra tickets if you go all the way to 41 x 9 which will really prove the patterns.
    The funny story about the dad who is a disco king needs to be read again with your parents.  Parent's can be just so embarassing.  Well, I'm sure I never embarass my kids but not everyone is as coolio a parent as I am.  Think about what your parents do that embarasses you.  Do they try to kiss you good bye or give you a hug in front of your friends?  Do they cheer too loud at your football or soccer game?  Poor parents.  They really don't set out to embarass you, they really do love you with all of their hearts.  I think the problem is they are just so old and out of it, right?  I think it helps just to know you're not the only one who has embarassing parents.  My mom still embarasses me!

    Have a great and relaxing weekend.  Feel free to blog any questions you have about the homework.  Isaiah is on top of the math game and can help you out and he seems to check the blog often enough.  Be sure and check back Sunday to see if there are any additional things I need to tell you about Monday.

    Have a great weekend everybody.  And parents, feel free to blog along with us.

Mrs. K