Antonia and her friend Brooke were amazing dinner guests.  They made beautiful place cards with everyone's name on them and then helped set the table with the lovely china that was my grandmothers.  They went up and down the slide a hundred times, played foosball, pool, and enjoyed a fire in the fireplace.  We had steak and potatoes and salad and green beans and strawberries and blueberries and rolls and...make your own sundaes to wrap it all up.  Good times.  Vlad and Jake beat the girls then took turns beating them and sometims losing to them and the dogs ran around like wild animals.  My husband took many picutures so keep checking back on the student tab as I will be adding them sometime this weekend.

The troll books are AMAZING!!  You all did a beautiful job--really quality work--way to go everyone!  Next week we will start reading our dog story which WILL count as an independent reading book too.  We are now on the search for problems in our stories.  Not just problems, but how to solve them as well.  Problems and solutions.  Is there only one way to solve most problems?  Think about it.  Here's a problem for you:  You are late for school and heading out the door and you can't find one of your shoes.  You tear through the closet and it's just not there.  What could you do?  Solve this problem in a blog comment and get an immediate trip to the prize bucket.

                                                                                                                Mrs. Kovacs