How was your day with the sub?  Were you good to this person?  I hope so!!

Blog a comment that tells how YOU were for the sub (no using names of classmates unless you want to compliment them on exemplary behavior) and how YOU think the day went (no dissing classmates, reporting misbehaviors of others etc.) and you can have 4 tickets on Wednesday.  Any one who does tell on or report on a classmate in this forum will lose the privilege of winning something in the ticket drawing on Friday. 

Here is how the rest of the week is falling into place:
1. Regular day Wednesday except for Map math test for kids who are NOT done
2. Map testing --reading second day--on Thursday morning right away.
3. Orchestra on Thursday
4. Walking field trip to Central for 5th grade on Friday morning. Dress for outside--Leave at 9:25 and get back about 11:00
5. Train Project is amping up--are you on board?  [PUN INTENTED]

See you tomorrow.  I have been busy all day planning all kinds of things for you for tomorrow!!