I think we can all keep it up--I mean, of course, the rad study skills we have when Ms Dahlem is in the room.  I wonder what it is about Ms Dahlem that makes the blurters stop bluring.  If you have a proposed answer to my wonder, blog it and you may proceed straight to the prize bucket tomorrow. 

I have some suckers we could give to Mrs. Solensky's class as payment.  If you blog tonight, you can be the ones to take them the payment.  I wonder what I should do with any extra fundage I have.  Eat it myself? 

What do you think about a winter party.  We had a back to school party and then a trip to the movies.  What should we do in Jan. or Feb.?  Sledding?  An evening of open gym at the school--just our class?  Hmm...what to do, what to do.  Blog what you think we should do for fun after the Long Lake trip and the Holidays are over.  We are going to need something to look forward to.  I'm taking ideas!