So it seems like you all like to make decimal art.  It is pretty fun.  I will make lots of copies of the 100 squares sheets for you so you can make them during read aloud and other times when you have a free minute. I have another decimal project lined up for tomorrow and then we are going to talk about yet a third idea and an assignment for you to think about and possibly work on over the holiday break.

What do you think we should make for our families for gifts whether they are Christmas gifts or New Year gifts or Holiday gifts.  Any brainstorms?  Frames with art in them?  Last year we made calenders, how many of you remember that?

I need to make sure I have everything I need for Long Lake by tonight.  HELP!!  Remember, tomorrow I leave for a short trip to Alaska.  I hope to blog you and post pictures and with any luck skype you.  Won't that be fun?  There is a 3 hour time difference but your day and mine will overlap a bit.  It will be better than when I was in Latvia.  That is an 8 hour difference.  Yikes.

I will see you tomorrow morning.         Mrs. Kovacs