I am so glad we have snow.  Are you?  Blog a comment that tells how YOU feel about snow and you can have 4 tickets on Monday.

Our next Makers' Space is Thursday, December 20.

5th Graders:  DARE Graduation is going to be Wednesday, December 19, at 2:30. Parents are welcome.  Our 3rd and 4th graders will be attending to support their classmates.

We are knee deep into Explorations Academy and it is FUN!!  I think most people are super excited about what they are doing in their class.

My home base is going to do a research and writing project starting Monday, December 3 and ending Friday, December 21.  It is going to be a "Holidays around the World" themed research and writing project and the kids are going to choose either THEIR OWN family traditions and holidays to study OR pick a country and study the winter holidays of that culture.  This writing project will culminate in a museum style sharing opportunity on Friday, December 21.  Check back for more details later.

Have a great weekend.
Get out there and ENJOY the snow.
Stay off the lakes and ponds.

See ya Monday--Mrs. Kovacs