Round one of conferences went well.  Thank you to the 3 families who had to flex and change their times.

Round two of conferences is on Monday, November 18.  Students do NOT have school that day but teachers have professional development all day long.

Tuesday we will be back and working.  Wednesday we will be taking our afternoon time slot to prepare for a science day on Thursday.  Thursday will be our second Sci Fri day of the year.  

Please know that MY class will be hosting a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast for the other 2 classrooms.  If you are willing to donate to this (bread to make toast, a pound of butter, a bag of popcorn, jelly beans, apples, or pretzels) let me know.  We will be making invites and talking about being gracious receivers even when the gift is not what we expected.  If you are able to donate, let me know through an email to,

We continue to work on our gratitude books.

Have a great week!