ON May 10 a couple dates were changed--June 3 and 4 were switched around.  The 4th grade, who plans Podvin, needed to go on Tuesday so we switched our dates to accommodate.  Also, the Mother's Day Tea on May 10 was added

I will edit this dates post as things come up and things move around.

Here are some year end important dates to keep in mind:

May 10                  Mother's Day Tea, 2:30 to 3:15  ALL mom's
                              invited.  You may take your child home 
                              when it is over.
May 14                  Patrol Picnic at Aldrich
May 20       Walk to Central to do Artist Trading Cards with 7th graders
May 21                  Patrols to Valley Fair
May 23                  5th Grade Track Meet at Birch Lake Elem. School
May 27                  Memorial Day so.....NO SCHOOL
May 31                  3rd and 4th track meet in the afternoon at Lincoln.  5th helps if Living History is done.
June 3                   Podvin Park if living history project is done.
June 4                   Living History Museum

June 5                   Last Maker's Space of the year
June 7                   5th grade graduation in the morning (10-11 I think) and LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

WOW!!  How in the world will we get all that in.  

We will also walk to Cup And Cone one day in there somewhere.