Did anyone else feel like this was a crazy day?  There is a full moon so maybe...

Anyway, tomorrow we get to meet with an officer about being a safety patrol member.  Did you all remember to turn in your slips?  Remember, there is a job for each and every one of you in our patrol unit.  You should all give it a try.

So the end of the day was a bit too much for me.  We had kids getting pulled for reading, kids getting trained for news, kids having trouble winding down after an exciting cafe time and more.  It was a bit crazy!  I was trying to hand out the sheet that parents need to sign that says, "I have recieved the parent/student handbook for Oneka Elementary School."  Did everyone get one?  Everyone needs one!

How was your reading MAP score?  Do you recall what you had at the end of the year last year?  How does it compare?

Let's go over vocab books tomorrow.  We also need to get some missing work turned in.  How can some people already have missing work?  WEIRD!!

I'll see you all tomorrow.  Be ready to perform your skit during cafe time.     Mrs. Kovacs