Do you think it will be warm in your habitat?  Remember how you were looking for shade for a while.  On Monday we may be looking for sun.  It will still be warm in the shady habitats IF you are protected from the wind.  Don't forget to wear a sweatshirt or coat and bring your sit upon if you made one.  ALL those things will help.

Next week will fly by since it will only be 3 days.  We need to wrap up our Native American studies and so we are ready to start science when we get back.  Have you had a chance to read all the books that seem interesting to you from the Native American bins?  You need to grab them next week and dig in.  We will wrap up the Birch Bark House too and be ready for a new book when we get back from MEA.  Write a review (your opinion) on the blog about the story The Birch Bark House  and you can have 4 tickets on Monday.
Dress warmly.  We go out even when it's chilly.   Mrs. Kovacs