We have convereted our room from a turkey coop to the north land regions where the reindeer roam.  We have started working on all things reindeer.  To that end, if you have a Rudolph story book or movie, please bring it in tomorrow.  We are going to learn all we can about good old Rudolph and consider the bullying he had to endure before he became famous.

Our reindeer booklets look good.  It took some doing but it was worth it, they look GREAT!!  Tomorrow we will start to work in them.

Our morning was AMAZING!!  Everyone was on task and focused and super start students.  Those kids must have gotten lost after lunch and the room was invaded by some rather roudy kids.  Yikes!!  I hope the super star kids are back tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone.   Oh, there will be a quick trip to the prize bucket for everyone who brings in a Rudolph storybook or movie.  The BHTQ is:  name one of the authority figures that was in our room today and write what that person's job is for the school.   You may NOT copy someone elses answer--I'll be able to tell if you do.     Mrs. Kovacs