Check in the extra credit tab as the School House Rock version of the Preamble to the Constitution is there.  Do you remember what 'preamble' means?  Do you remember what year the United States Constitution was signed?

Today in math we talked about the associative property of addition.  Remember that you are supposed to explain the associative property of addition to your parents.  I am just wondering, do you think subtraction has an associative property?  This is for 5 tickets: Think about whether or not the assosiative property applies to subtraction as well as addition.  Test it out.  Write down your thinking and give two examples that prove your position.  Good luck!  Mom and Dad are welcome to help.

At the parent meeting tonight I will be handing out the Independent Reading Assignment.  I will tell you about it tomorrow.  Now there's something to look forward to.  That and tomorrow's mini field trip to...oh that's right, I can't say.

Tomorrow's Friday!!  Study your spelling words and we'll see ya here!

Mrs. K