The two Kovacs teams faced off today but that is the end of us being competitors.  From here on out we are cheering for each other!!  Maybe we can ROCK the tourny and come in 1 and 2!! 

Some of us need to study up on softball and baseball rules.  If that's you, do a little google educating of yourself and how to play ball.

Tonight focus on area and perimeter and unit 2 of our volume 1 math book.  We are starting with our review of unit 3 tomorrow.  Nice job on the math homework for most of you.  We will move on tomorrow.  We will also do a math fluency check (timed tests) and a reading fluency check (read aloud to a partner) and lit circles will meet and bin books will get read.  We also have DARE tomorrow.  So much to do, so little time.  Literally, very little time--only 12 school days left!!