Remind your parents to follow Mr. Schmidt's email directions and sign up for your conferences.  I can't wait to tell them how wonderful you all are!!  For real, that is what I will tell them.

What can I do to get more of you to check out the class website on a regular basis?  Tickets doesn't seem to be working so...I really want to put assignments on here but I need to know that you will find them and do them.  If you blog an idea of what I can do to get you to read this website each night you can have 4 tickets.  Please note that there is a ticket question on the homework tab too.  See if you can find it.

Water study and NE region study have been fun.  After Thanksgiving we will switch and you will be back with me doing Social Studies--NE region stuff.  I have enjoyed it and I bet you will too.  How was water as a science topic?  Blog a comment about what you have been doing and you can have 4 tickets.