Today we did our community service project and it was FUN!!  We picked up two large trash bags FULL of yucky litter.  We learned how painful it is to clean up after someone else's mess.  We won't be littering oursevles anytime soon.  Hey, did you know that it is illegal to litter.  You can be fined and maybe even sentenced to cleaning up litter if you are caught littering.  Just don't do it.

Large number multiplying is so much fun and you were all catching on.  Way to go!  We will work on it some more tomorrow.  Practice makes perfect, don't you know.

Hey, our prize bucket is looking a little sad.  Ask mom or dad if they have any ideas for and are willing to donate any fun prizes. 

Today's word ladder letters are as follows:  vowels: e  u  e  a  e     con:  r  j  v  n  t    Wow, Nate, is your name in every word ladder known to man?  Same ticket earning rules as yesterday and come knowing your ticket total.  Mrs. K