We saw the totally funniest version of Cinderella I've ever seen!  The two guys (yes, you read that correctly and now understand so much more about the title of this comment) who played the ugly stepsisters were laugh out loud funny.  It was a lot of physical comody and slap stick humor.  Throw in audience participation, great sound effects and marvelous costumes and you've got yourself a show.  Loved it!

Tomorrow we will spend some time comparing and contrasting the 3 Cinderella stories we now know:  Cinderella, the play, Cinderella the fairy tale of our youth, and Cendrillon, the Cinderella like story from our reading book.  Fun times ahead.

The math test is tomorrow.  Study and review please. 

2 tickets to anyone who can tell me in a blog comment what are new count down is counting down to.