My husband and I spend a good deal of time working on the website this weekend.  Check out the Extra Credit Tab.  There is a new game and a new countdown and a new survey.  Mr. Kovacs added a movie at one point (the beagle and his great escape) but it crashed that page on the site and he had to delete it and rebuild it.  Yikes!!  Anyway, check out the new stuff, it's fun.

Also new is a frame that runs through some pictures from the day at the zoo.  This is on the student tab.

Today just went too fast again.  We will be wrapping up Chapter 1 in math.  Tomorrow you will be getting a study guide and the chance to bring home your math book and study.  Let's try to get as many As and Bs as possible.  For some of you that just means you need to slow down, read the directions and double check your work.

Be sure and comment on the blog page as I am keeping track for a week to see who checks in and who doesn't.  I can't count you as checking in if I don't know that you did.  Tickets for a blog.  Tickets also for answering the question about the bowling game [what happens when you get a strike]. 

See ya tomorrow.   Mrs. K