They are fun to make, they are fun to play and they really only need to cost pennies!!  Use stuff you have sitting around already.  Use cardboard you get for free.  Have some fun with this assignment and be creative!!  Didn't you simply LOVE the games we tested today?  How amazing were they?  I hope they inspired you to put in some time and build your very own really cool really fun arcacade game.  You can do it!!

Tomorrow is Wednesday already.  How is your Ogre tale coming?  Are you including some of the elements of mystery/scary stories that we talked about today in class?  Ideas:  lots of descriptions and details, bad weather, unusual creatures with unusual skills, magic, dark magic, twists or elements or surprise, and of course the standard setting, character development, beginning, middle and end. 

Have a great night.  Think think think about the math as you work on it.  It's amazing and makes so much sense if you think about it!!