Well ok, with the temperatures as they are, it feels like October.  I just love this weather--sunny but cool.  Perfect in my opinion.  My favorite temperatures start with a 6 like 63 and 67 and then I like things in the 50s then the 70s, then the 40s then the 80s then the 30s.  I do NOT like it hot.  I like it cool. I will give 4 tickets to EVERYBODY who comments on the blog about their favorite weather.  What season do you like and what temperature is your favorite?  [Note:  This is the BHTQ!!]

One of the reasons you need to know this is that our classroom's temperature is set lower than the other rooms.  I asked our lead custodian, Mr. Pitlick to set it at about 67 and that's where it is.  It's not usually too warm in our room.  You should have a sweatshirt or sweater or cute fuzzy brown vest with pink polk dots like Carly's with you at school at all times.  Trust me, it's cool in our room.  You won't doze off during lessons!!

Have a great weekend.  Get outside and play.  Remember to include all your friends--the more the merrier.  Ok, a second BHTQ just popped into my head!  Do you know what "the more the merrier" means?  Blog a comment on what you think the more the merrier means and you can have a couple more tickets.  Wow, that' 6 plus two for Krypto.  YIKES!!  Have I gone mad?       Mrs. Kovacs