Do you remember when I said I never get flu shots and don't believe in them and have never gotten the flu?
Do you remember how Zander said, "did you really just say that out loud?"
And then I quickly knocked on wood?

Well, I must not have knocked quickly enough.  I have influenza A and it's BAD.  But on top of that, I have strep too.  The dr. called me an overachiever.  Hmmm....

So I am sad to be missing this very busy, event filled week.  So far I have missed the trip to Cerenity which Vivian and I planned.  I heard it was a GREAT success!!  That's so wonderful. I missed art with Kyle, the reading assembly where Carson won the whole school, and Noah and Kiera won for Explorations.  Bummer.

Up ahead there is a pretty normal day tomorrow but then Friday, in honor of all your hard work and parent teacher conferences we are having an all day game day plus the read around Lincoln event.  I am really missing ALL the good stuff.  

I still feel pretty terrible.  The doctor said that as long as I had any symptoms I would still be contagious and he figured that would be Friday.  YIKES!!  I guess next year I may be getting a flu shot after all.

I miss you.
Thanks for being on your best behavior while I'm gone.  I'm counting on you to be the best you you can be.  I am always telling everyone who will listen that you are my best class EVER so I'm counting on you to not let me down.

Mrs. Kovacs