It's feels as if winter has arrived and plans to stay.  This does not mean we will stay inside, it just means you need to bundle up.  Bring hats, mittens, boots, snow pants and the like to school so you can adapt to the cold weather and still be toasty warm.  

I was just kicking back and watching Monday night football when I realized I hadn't updated the website.  Sorry.  Doing it now.

Joe is going to be at school again tomorrow--this time for Mrs. Triggs.  That will be fun for us again, right? 

Read Matilda's blog comment.  She is getting it done!  She has finished her Native American Google Presentation and her trip memoir and she is working on her artifact and her science fair project.  Wow!  She is on the ball.  Blog a reply to Matilda and you can have 4 tickets tomorrow.