5th grade is going to do their builders workshop tomorrow.  Lucky them.  3/4s are going to have math per usual but then I have a surprise for you too.  You will get to do some building of your own.  It is going to be FUN!!

How many of you think you can come to the movie on Saturday?  I am so excited to go.  I have been seeing the trailers and clips on The Tonight Show and it looks really cool!  Do you know the story?  Maybe we should investigate it.

I remembered to buy tickets tonight.  Isn't that great!  They are orange.  So very WBL of me to get orange tickets.  I will pay all the people I owe 1-2 tickets more than I owe them as interest.  What is interest?  Why would I pay it for owing you tickets?  Blog a comment about that and explain what "interest" is in Junior Achievement/Economics terms is and you can have 6 tickets tomorrow.

Happy dreaming about Jungle Book!