Gear up everybody, the science fair is coming!!  The date of the actual fair is Oct. 16 but the science board and project are due to be turned in at school on Thursday Oct. 11.  You will present them to your class on or about that day.  Good luck!!  Have fun and use the scienctific method of 1. Doing research  2. identify a problem or question  3. state a hypothesis (make an educated guess based on your research as to what the answer to your question is)  4.  Conduct an experiment that tests your hypothesis  and 5. reach a conclusion.   All of this needs to be recorded (as raw data and as reflective thoughts) in a journal.  The journal can just be a notebook.

We spent a lot of time on science today.  A lot.  We read about it, talked about it, wrote about it and then even did some experiments with our pendulums.  Cool!!  You are all becoming real scientists.  Amazing work, kids!!

If you would like to earn 2 tickets then blog a comment about team work and what it means and how you can become good at it.