We had a great day meeting our buddies and hanging out in first grade.  We are the BIG buddies of some pretty cool 1st graders who worked hard to write interviews about us and then draw our pictures.  We helped with spelling and the drawing.  Turns out there's a very tall 1st grader and he is taller than his buddy, right Mica?  We are getting together with them again for a Halloween activity which should be fun.

Remember that tomorrow night is the fall festival.  Bring your costume and come ready for tons of fun.  I am selling tickets at 7:00 pm.  I will be there before that to take pictures.  Come to be in pictures--think of the video.

Oh, that reminds me, my husband says he's not going to make a video this year.  Hmmm...you can talk to him about that tomorrow night.

Happy birthday to Vlad.

I am wondering if we should have a ticket drawing tomorrow or not.  What do you think?  Blog me your thoughts on this subject and earn yourself a couple of tickets.

Mrs. K