We are injury and illness prone right now, so be careful out there this weekend!  Sperry is home recovering from an awful break in his arm.  I saw a picture and trust me, arms are not supposed to bend that way.  Yikes.  Antonia is recovering from one procedure just to face the removal of tonsils (put the correct spelling of tonsils in a blog comment and you can have 2 tickets) next week.  Steven has stiches, Hunter left feeling sick...we are in tough shape!  I am going to have to put in the reserve 5th graders if this keeps up.  Maybe I'll have to call up some of the 4th graders.  Hmmmm....can I do that?

Friday we had and artist trading fair again.  It was wonderful.  What was your favorite part?  Blog a comment about the Art Trade Fair and you can have 2 tickets.  I have been busy working on more cards so I will have quite a few to trade this coming Friday.  Maybe I won't be able to wait and I'll call for an earlier fair.

Blog a comment about your "wonderings" with respect to the acorns I brought in.  Include some things you already knew about acorns, some of the things you wondered as you looked at them and then some things you learned about them as we broke them apart and studied them online.  If you do this, you can have an immediate trip to the prize bucket.

Thanks to Wallaces and Kayla's grandma for cutting more cards.  We used them and already need more.  Amazing!  We shared with 2nd grade too so...Oj, maybe your grandma could cut some when she comes next week.  Ask her for me.  I am willing to send paper home with anyone willing to cut.  I will send more to the Wallaces unless Maddie says enough is enough.

Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Kovacs