The Oneka Showtime Players put on another Marvin and Jessie show yesterday.  The theme was patriotism and covered things like showing respect for the flag and having the right to vote.  Since today was the voting day, it fit right into real world stuff.  Two very well trained boy scouts acted as the color guard and presented the flags at the show.  They did a great job.  Marvin and Jessie were great again but as usual the actress who played Bossy Betty stole the show.  She is just so funny in whatever part she's given.  One student complained that the only problem was, she didn't have a big enough part. 

Today we learned about voting and compared last year's election to this year's election.  Did you even realize there was an election today?

This is a review week and we will be working on how to take a end of the unit reading test.  We will do a section of it together, then try some parts on our own and finally share ideas on how to get the job done.  Along with that the kids are reading TUB books.  These are different from BIN books in that they are stored in tubs!  I'm not kidding.  The kids are in literature circles with students that are reading the same book as them and have a packet to complete.  They will be spending some time reading to Bossy Betty...I mean me.

5 tickets to everyone who can correctly answer these questions:   Jenna had 2 hours of homework over the weekend and her older sister Aspen had 8 hours of homework.  You might say Aspen had _______ times as much homework as Jenna on that weekend.  Or, you might want to say that Jenna had ____________ as much homework as Aspen had.  Draw a comparison bar to bring and show me to get the 5 tickets.

See you all tomorrow.     Mrs. K