This will be a very full week with the school book fair running all week long.  We pre-shopped today to see what there was available to buy.  During the rest of the week kids who bring money will be given the chance to go to the book fair to purchase the things they selected.  I just LOVE a book fair, don't you?

Also this week is BOLT night where some kids perform and all are welcome to come and eat pizza.  The pizza is $2 bucks and there is water to drink.  Come if you can.  The book fair will be open that night too.

This week we will continue to work on our WBL maps and start creating games with our team.  The games will have an economic theme and will use WBL stores and shops and services to show how money circulates through our community.  At the end of the week, we will play each other's games.  

Next week we have a field trip to City Hall, the police station and the fire station.  City government will be our theme as we still strive to learn more about our community.