With Halloween behind us we are ready to move on to November.  We had a fun day.  We watched the little kids parade around in their costumes which is always fun.  Then we played some games with our 1st grade buddies.  They fed us some witches brew that included blood drops and chicken toe nails.  Yikes.  We made our own witches brew for the afternoon and we watched Scooby-Doo.  I won the most frightful laugh contest and scared the kids silly with my scream.  I thought Kennedy had a heart-attack--I almost called 911!!  Some of the kids made "Monster" cards for people in the nursing home.  I am going to deliver them to Comforts of Home right now.

Have a safe and fun time out trick or treating tomorrow night.  No tricks please. 

Study for the Social Studies Chapter 2 test.  It will be right after morning work on Monday. 

There will be a ticket drawing on Monday if the class can settle down.  It was too much to do today.  5 tickets to all the kids who sort their candy, record the data and then make a graph.  You have to bring the graph in to get the tickets.  As a side note, I love Butterfingers and I can be bought!  Hmmm...what does that mean?

See you Monday.  Mrs. K