What an exciting day we had today.  Monday I learned about a cool glogster site where students can create pages that look like fun bulletin boards or scrapbook pages.  Way cool!  I went right home and handed the information over to my ever willing to learn new stuff IT guy who created a glogster site for me and my class.  Yesterday we looked at Jake's glog and my glog and Zach R. [who gets the reward for checking the blog the most often] was our test piolet who set up his own glog space in my class site.  It worked!  So today, I handed out the first time log in codes (can you believe every kid needed their own really funky long number and letter code?) along with the strange nicknames that can't be changed and the password that I made them change (we all have the same one and I can change anybody's at any time) and we headed off to computer lab #1.  Ok, picture 22 kids (remember, Zach R. was already done and 2 kids were gone) all asking me minus my IT guy how to set up their folder in our classroom glog space.  It actually went really well.  Eventually everyone got in, and once we figured out that when I say our room number, which is 2505 I speak it as twenty five oh five which is a hugely different password than twenty five zero five, we were all good.  

       Hey guys, I could see many of you on the glog site right after school.  When someone is on it did you notice there is a green light next to their name?  And, a couple of us sent eachother messages.  How cool is that?  My IT guy is going to link the glogster site to this web site under links and then you can click on that, type in your strange and unchangeable nickname and our common password and you'll have yet another way to talk to eachother.  Remember, the same rules apply.  You can only change things that are in your own name, you can't say you are someone else or change their things or you are "forging" their signature which is very illegal.  It's also just plain NOT
NICE!!  Don't do it or I will be forced to change all the passwords and not let you in on the new one.  Sad.  As always, if you don't have sweet things to say, don't say anything at all.  

    Finally check out my husband's glog page about electricity.  He added a video.  How does he do it?  If you can figure it out and explain it to a buddy or two you can have 5 tickets.           Have a great night.             Mrs. Kovacs